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My George Costanza Moment

shopping-305728_1280I  had a George Costanza moment just now. I was at the supermarket buying some stuff. As I headed to the cashier’s counter, this woman rushes up from my right and shoves a pram with a baby in front of me to cut the queue. She almost ran over my foot.

I stood there for a few seconds, and then went to the next counter, which unfortunately was closed. Lucky me, another cashier came, removed the sign on the conveyer belt, and offered to serve me.

For centuries, people have sacrificed their lives for land. Poets have glorified battles and wars. Names have been enshrined in history books. Adventurers have achieved greatness by climbing mountains, travelling the seven seas, defying gravity by sending man to the moon and beyond — and then this little person pops up out of nowhere and thinks she’s made a difference to the world by cutting me at the cashier’s counter.

You may have won this round today, sweetie. But I’ll be waiting for you next time.

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