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Noise, noise, everywhere!


I was walking down the street just now when I suddenly heard a little girl whining.Then came the mother’s voice telling her to stop embarrassing herself in public.

I continued walking toward the traffic light and waited for the signal to change. The whining drew closer. I turned and saw the little girl pulling her mother’s arm, pleading for something. The mother, hiding under an umbrella from the day’s heat, ignored her daughter.

I could hear my little voice screaming, “Stop whining, will you! There’s enough noise in the world already!” But of course, I didn’t say anything. I just stood there with that angelic face and pretended I was listening to a choir.

As I waited to cross the road, I noticed a book in the little girl’s other hand: Enid Blyton’s A Book of Naughty Children.

I tell you, it t took a lot of strength to restrain that bubble of laughter.

A Surprise Visitor


This happened back in the 80s. On the eve of Christmas, about 3 o’ clock in the afternoon, my family members and I were having coffee at the back of the house when we alerted by a trespasser. We lived smack in the middle of the city near the shopping belt. The trespasser was a woolly sheep.
It ran straight to us, paused, then went to the back of the house. It was trying to hide. All this while, we were quiet, thinking maybe our eyes were playing tricks with us. Maybe it was the coffee.
Minutes later, some men from a nearby hotel came and asked us about the sheep.
It seems the sheep was part of the hotel’s Christmas decoration. It took five men to convince the sheep to go back with them.

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