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What’s your final destination moment?

chinese-676651_1280I guess if it’s not your time, it’s not your time:

a) I got off a taxi beside an electric box. Later, I looked out the window on the 8th floor of a building to see the box had short circuited with its power lines flailing, sparks everywhere.

b) I stood on a train track. Nobody told me that a hand car was coming towards me. I stepped off the track only to see the car zooming past.

c) I fell on a wet road and a car braked inches in front of me.

d) I was about to turn right at a traffic junction when another car from the other side ignored the stop sign and sped past. Other drivers instinctively blared their horns as a signal to me not to move. If I had gone to the center of the road, I would have been a goner.

e) My canoe got pulled out far away into the open sea by a strong wind. Two hours later, a passing yacht found me.

f) I chose not to park at a certain spot with all the other cars. Twenty minutes later, the 5 cars at the spot were all destroyed by falling trees.

g) I was five. I hung around at the British High Commission residence a lot. One day, I was sitting at the stone stairs in the garden playing with flower petals. Suddenly the embassy staff were yelling and running for their lives. I didn’t know what was going on. Then I saw a man in a white robe cutting across the garden and walking towards me. Everyone was shouting at me to get up. I froze. A heroine rushed towards me and picked me up to safety. (There’s always a police officer standing outside the gate. No idea what happened to him that day. The man in white entered an abandoned garage. Later, a crowd went to inspect. He was gone).

So, what’s your final destination moment?